Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Keystone?
A Keystone is any educator nominated in to the program by a building principal who has demonstrated innovative use of technology in classroom instruction to capture the imagination of students. Keystones are part of an ongoing community of educators throughout the commonwealth of Pennsylvania sharing, collaborating and leading best practices of 21st century learning.
What is the goal of the Keystone Program?
Who can be nominated to become a Keystone?
How does someone get nominated to be a Keystone?
How will I know I was nominated?
What’s the difference between a Keystone and a Keystone STAR?
Who gets notified when I am nominated?
Can any Keystone be selected to attend the Summit?
How do I apply to become a STAR?
I’m not very tech savvy. Can I still be nominated to be a Keystone?
I am a former Keystone. Can I be nominated again?
I am a former Keystone who attended a past summit. Am I a STAR?
Can I receive graduate credits for attending the summit?
My application to be a STAR was not selected. Can I reapply?
I cannot attend the summit.  Can I still apply to be a STAR?